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Painting Studio

Our Mission

We are dedicated to shattering barriers and showcasing the talents of female artists across Africa. Through our online platform and participation in art fairs worldwide, we are passionate about providing opportunities that empower and elevate the visibility of these exceptional artists on a global scale. We aim to support gender equality in the arts by fostering connections between artists and art enthusiasts worldwide. Join us in celebrating and promoting the extraordinary creativity of African women in the art world!

Our Commitment

At the African Women Gallery, our dedication lies in dismantling barriers and magnifying the voices of female artists in Africa. With a strong online presence and active participation in global art fairs, we are focused on fostering opportunities that empower and enhance the international visibility of these talented artists. Our ultimate goal is to advance gender equality in the arts and facilitate meaningful connections between artists and art enthusiasts globally through our initiatives.


Our Team.

Our team of skilled and passionate professionals is the driving force behind the work. Their dedication and expertise propel our mission forward, playing a pivotal role in the success and impact of our organization. The African Women Gallery would not have. 

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